Save a Seat Program Update!

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Last week was a great week for the DEEP Technology Campaign’s “Save A
Seat” Program for the renovated DHS auditorium.

We received $2,555 in checks!

IF you would like to purchase a seat, please visit us at or send a check made payable to DEEP to purchase your seat in the new DHS auditorium!

Buffalo Wild Wings is opening in Danvers!

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Preseason event (staff practice before opening) at the new Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant opening at Liberty Tree Mall. For $20.00 you will receive one appetizer and two entrees on June 17th from 6-8 pm. All proceeds will be donated to DEEP and this night … see Glenn Boutchie or Maureen Gillis for tickets – only 100 tickets!! This is on Friday June 17 from 6 – 8pm!

Thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Danvers!

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The Kiwanis Club of Danvers purchased the FIRST front row center seat for $1500. Congratulations! – 1 of only 13 available front row seats!

Exciting News from GOT BOOKS/Uses Book Superstore!

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New DEEP corporate partner—Got Books/Used Book Superstore,, represented by Mr. Matt Libby.

All employees of the Danvers Public Schools will be given a $15 free
purchase during the month of June at the Endicott Street location.

Sponsor an auditorium chair at the new DHS!

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As part of the DEEP Technology campaign, consider sponsoring a chair in the new DHS auditorium!

DEEP – DHS Technology Campaign

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The Outreach Committee met on Wednesday, 4/27/11, with committee Members – Kathy Gadzera, Colette Hennessey, Sharon McManus and Betty Pickering with support from Central Office. Mailings will start arriving in early June!! Plan to purchase a seat in the new auditorium in memory of a loved one, in thanks to a Danvers teacher, or for your Danvers alum or 2011 graduate!

Danvers Kiwanis to Sponsor Bike Rodeo

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Each year, approximately 400 children between the ages of 0-14 are killed in bicycle crashes. Thousands more are treated in emergency rooms for bicycle related injuries. While bicycle helmets have been shown to reduce the risk of head injury by 85% only 5% of all children cyclists nationwide use bicycle helmets. Many children and their parents are unaware of these statistics and the basic techniques for staying safe while riding a bicycle.

In response to these startling facts the Danvers Kiwanis is sponsoring a Bicycle Rodeo at the Liberty Tree Mall Parking lot, on Commonwealth Ave behind the Danvers Police Station. On Saturday May 7th from 9am-12pm. The Rodeo is being co sponsored by Beverly Hospital. The rodeo is being sponsored in an effort to teach children and their parents bicycle safety skills in a fun family setting.

Children should bring their own bikes there will be a skills course including braking without skidding etc. There will be a safety testing station where children will be able to test their brakes, tire pressure, gears, and tighten all nuts and bolts.

Free bike helmets, free snacks and drinks too!

Remember to bring your own bike and get ready to have some fun!

THANKS TO DANVERSBANK!! Announcement from Mark Strout.

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It is my absolute pleasure to announce for Dr. Lisa Dana that the Danvers Public Schools were awarded $45,000 via the Danversbank Community Grant Program. This money will go towards our TECHNOLOGY
CAMPAIGN, for which our goal is $500,000 to be raised for the new high school.

Keys To Success! – THANKS Danvers Hyundai and Village Automotive Group!

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The Village Automotive Group, a DEEP corporate partner, has sponsored a program for the last 4 years for the kiddos at DHS.

The BEST news is the news from the Village Automotive Group that we received on Monday.

Danvers Hundai is going to give away a certified used car to a lucky student this coming June at what they refer to as their “Key Off”. 25
of our students will meet at Danvers Hundai along with 25 students from Peabody High School. Each will be given a set of keys. The lucky person whose key fits the ignition wins the car.

Only those kids participating at the Key Off will be kiddos that have received Keys To Success gift cards throughout the year for improving
academically or via attendance, behavior, service, etc.

Moustache Fundraiser!! for Kevin McCarthy Scholarship Fund

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Just a quick reply about the Moustache fundraiser. The student Council advisor, Mr. Jeff Avigian,,
organized an all school fundraiser for the Kevin McCarthy scholarship fund. Kevin was a soccer player at DHS who passed away in an automobile accident this past fall on Rt. 95 returning from RI with a friend of his.

An all school assembly took place in the field house with the McCarthy parents present. A combination of male faculty members and senior
students have volunteered to be participants in the fundraiser. Every Monday and Thursday, Mr. Avigian takes photos of all of the participants and places them on the cafeteria walls. Each perso’s
picture hangs above a donation box. The 7 people with the MOST money in the boxes have to KEEP their moustaches for a longer period of time as everyone else gets to shave.

This has been a really fun and worthwhile program. PLEASE email Jeffrey Avigian if you have any further questions.