2021 Winter

Brittany McGrail / DHS: DRIVE Classroom Update

Julie Glynn, John McGillen & Matthew Regis / DHS: Sextants in Geometry

Lisa Trask, Jacquelyn White & Pamela Foss / DHS: Actively Learn Program for United States History II Classes

World Language Teachers / DHS and HRMS: World Language Classroom Libraries

Lisa D’Orlando / HRMS: Project Lead the Way & Digital Literacy Curriculum

Alexander Conant & Meghan Sorel / HRMS: Lego Robotics Kits

Michael Belyea, Laurie Franchi & John Hodsdon / HRMS: Plastics in Our Oceans

Michele DeMaino, Paula Morris, Renate Uhlig & Rebecca Wait / HRMS: Stand-Up Stations for Math Classrooms

Rachel DeDominicis, Brooke Bell & Victoria Pike / HRMS: Flexible Seating for Special Education Classrooms

Sophia Schissel & Heidi Nock / HRMS: Honeybee Hive for Beekeeping Club

Michaela Call & Linda Armstrong / Great Oak: Inclusive Classroom Library

Victoria Roberts, Kristen Butler & Kristin Serino / Great Oak: Literacy and Math Games for Kindergarten Classrooms

Anala Guertin, Lisa Fitzgerald & Abbey Notargiacomo / Great Oak: First Grade Phonics Centers for Intervention/Extension Blocks

Suzanne Dignard, Justina Padovani & Cynthia Grady / Smith: Enriching Our Libraries to Develop Critical Readers and Thinkers

Kristen D’Entremont, Tammy Ryan & Mackenzie Dresner / Thorpe: S.T.E.M. Materials for First Grade Classrooms