2022 Winter

Kristina Aste-Mayer, Tracie Ewing, Will Ford and Annie Grover / DHS: Digital Theatre+

Alex Conant and Meghan Sorel / HRMS: Filament for 3D Printer

Michele DeMaino, Renate Uhlig and Rebecca Wait / HRMS: Additional Stools to Complete Math Stand-Up Stations

Julie O’Neill and Jeff Surette / DHS: Studio Portraits with Strobes

Jessica Bombardier / HRMS: Items for the Mindfulness Center

Sophia Schissel / HRMS: Protective Gear for Beekeeping Club

World Language Teachers / HRMS: World Language Classroom Readers

Sarah Doran and Jessica Rowe / Great Oak: Hallway Tactile & Sensory Wall

First Grade Teachers / Great Oak:  Games/Activities for Literacy Centers

Jessica Massero and Michaela Call / Great Oak: Decodable Readers

Jennifer Bissett / Highlands: Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Centers

Alana Kellard / Highlands: Sensory Learning Path

Jennifer Dennett / Riverside: SEL in the Music Classroom

Meghan McCrea / Riverside: Decodable Books

Jennifer Morgan / Riverside: Media Center Materials

Sara DeMato and Mindy Sheehy / Riverside and Thorpe: Articulation Therapy Materials

Kindergarten Teachers / Smith: A to Z Animals Carpets

Stephanie Gouker / Thorpe: Cognitive and Language Skills Materials

Grade 2 Teachers / Thorpe: Interactive Read-Aloud Library

Kindergarten and Grade 1 Teachers / Thorpe: Social-Emotional Learning Literature

Annie Tricca / Thorpe: Magna-Tiles

Rose Zall and Estelle Rand / Thorpe: Paper Circuit Kits