Congratulations to This Year’s DEEP Teacher Grant recipients!

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Congratulations to This Year’s DEEP Teacher Grant recipients!


For the 2018 school year,  DEEP was proud to present more than $15,000 in mini-grants  to the following teachers for their innovative curriculum projects:

Danvers High School:

Ann DiStasio ~ Class Set (20) Google Expeditions Virtual Reality Viewers, Devices, Chargers and Router

Kathryn Gadzera ~ Credit 4 Life 2019

Lindsay Perry ~ Flexible Seating in the Classroom

Leonina Russo, Angelo Bertolino, Cheryl George and Kristin Augulewicz ~ Oxygen Sensors for Biology Classrooms

Holten-Richmond Middle School:

John Hodsdon, Laurie Franchi and Michael Belyea ~ Monitoring Salt March Erosion

Great Oak:

Gwen Chalmers, Hannah Srebnik and Sara Allen ~ Country Resource Books

Anna Vitale ~ Moose Materials (activities and games which have the flexibility to support a variety of Multisensory Structured Language Programs)


Melissa McKinnon ~ Alternative Seating for Reader’s Workshop


Amber Adair and Stephanie Gouker ~ Learning Through Dramatic Play

Brenda Gharabegian ~ Remediation of Speech Sound Disorders in Elementary School Aged Students

Melinda Sheehy ~ Fostering Social Skills in Our Youngest Learners

Kimberly Silva ~ SEL Curriculums for Elementary Students


Cynthia Grady, Brynn Gregerick, Maureen Carroll and Caitlyn Marshall ~ Performance Pride in Danvers


Courtney Henrick ~ Flexible Seating

Thorpe, Smith and Great Oak:

Sara DeMato and Beth Crowley ~ Expanding Expression Tool

DEEP Administrator Grant:

Ellyn Feerick ~ Creating Teacher Anchor Charts for Key District Instructional Initiatives


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