Moustache Fundraiser!! for Kevin McCarthy Scholarship Fund

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Just a quick reply about the Moustache fundraiser. The student Council advisor, Mr. Jeff Avigian,,
organized an all school fundraiser for the Kevin McCarthy scholarship fund. Kevin was a soccer player at DHS who passed away in an automobile accident this past fall on Rt. 95 returning from RI with a friend of his.

An all school assembly took place in the field house with the McCarthy parents present. A combination of male faculty members and senior
students have volunteered to be participants in the fundraiser. Every Monday and Thursday, Mr. Avigian takes photos of all of the participants and places them on the cafeteria walls. Each perso’s
picture hangs above a donation box. The 7 people with the MOST money in the boxes have to KEEP their moustaches for a longer period of time as everyone else gets to shave.

This has been a really fun and worthwhile program. PLEASE email Jeffrey Avigian if you have any further questions.